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A Birth Story

27th Sep 2016

Like many prospective mums, I had been told any number of horror stories from friends and colleagues – of agonisingly long labour and miscommunication with busy and stressed hospital staff. However, having managed to deliver a beautiful, healthy baby girl into the world naturally and without drugs or intervention, I am happy to share our positive experience, and the integral role Annabel played in this.


Both my husband and I agree that it made a world of difference to know that we had someone so calm, wise and reassuring, who had been through this process – and had helped so many more – completely on our side when we needed her the most.


My labour was relatively unusual for a first pregnancy as my contractions started 5 minutes apart. Within two hours, they were every 3 minutes but despite this, the hospital indicated that I would likely be sent home if we were to come in so soon after labour had started. However, having discussed this with Annabel, she agreed that it made sense to head to the hospital. It was absolutely the right decision as I was fully dilated at my initial assessment!


Annabel’s advice in the birthing suite was invaluable. She knew the midwife that had been assigned to me at the birthing centre at Chelsea & Westminster, which was again, hugely reassuring. She had an uncanny way of saying exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time! She also encouraged me to try the birthing pool, which given the stage that I had been admitted provided the only pain relief I needed. Just over 7 hours after my first contraction, I was able to pick up my daughter out of the pool!


I am so grateful for the support that Annabel provided us through such an intense, but incredible experience and would not hesitate to recommend Kensington Midwives to anyone considering their services.



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