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Baby Photographer in London

30th Mar 2013
We recently met a very nice young photographer who specialises in newborn baby photography in London. We encouraged her to write a brief description of her business for us and she wrote the following;
“Being in the last stages of pregnancy can be stressful and tiring experience. So many things to prepare and so little time to get organised. And once the baby arrives it’s a whole new world to get used to. Time will fly and your little bundle of joy will be growing and changing by the hour. It’s times like these that most families are only too eager to capture. Each family has its own unique story and there is no better way to tell it than by a selection of beautiful photographs to treasure for years to come.
Having a newborn photo session is becoming a popular idea amongst young parents. And the good news is, there is no travelling involved. With professional baby and family photographers like Marta at Magic Rainbow Photography, the photo shoot is organised in the comfort of your own home. The session is intimate and informal and the photographer will make sure both mum and baby are happy and comfortable.
It’s always better to have the pictures taken in the first 14 days of your child’s life as this is the time when babies are still very sleepy and curled up for those sweet newborn poses. Newborn baby photography requires time and patience but the results are always worth the effort. A serene smile, a tiny hand rested on mummy’s finger, a strand of silky hair over the baby face. all those little details are part of the very first memories of your little one. Remember them all and create a gift for the whole family. Your little one as Art!”
Kensington Midwives agree that capturing those early days in a beautiful photograph can be a lovely memory. The early postnatal days can be so busy and tiring, but a session with Marta would be an enjoyable afternoon.
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