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Bathing your Baby

14th Feb 2012

Decide where you are going to bath the baby. Using a baby bath means that you can bath baby in the warmest room of the house, rather than just being restricted to the bathroom. However, if you are using the bathroom, you must use a heater to make sure the bathroom is warm enough. When using the bathroom, placing the baby bath inside the standard bath makes filling and emptying easier. If you are not using a baby bath but are using a sink or clean washing up bowl, make sure to cover the taps to avoid bumps. If you feel confident enough, you can use a bath straight away.

Never leave a baby unattended in any amount of water for any amount of time.

Fathers can help mother and baby bath together by helping them get in and out of the bath. This is excellent for skin-to-skin contact. Let mother get in first and then pass baby to her. Remember to always use baby safe products, it is recommended that you wash baby with water only for the first six weeks. Remember to ensure the water temperature is comfortable for baby, between 36 and 37 degrees is perfect, which may be cooler than adults like it.

Decide which time of day to bath your baby and try to make it part of a regular routine. Evening is a good time as it tires them out when they are tiny and gives a good start to a bedtime routine for when they are older.

Try to make sure that your baby is not hungry or too tired to enjoy the bath. We have also found that dimming the lighting helps to relax babies and they will enjoy the experience.

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