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Breastfeeding benefits babies’ brain development

12th Jun 2013

Breastfeeding babies for three months improves their brain development and language by 30% compared with giving babies formula milk. This has been found to be true by a study published in the journal “Neurolmage”, undertaken by researchers at Brown University in the USA. The brains of 133 babies were looked at from 10 months to 4 years, which is a very small study, but one which we should take seriously. Cognitive tests showed that language and visual reception and motor control were better in babies who had been breast fed.

Children fed exclusively on breast milk at the earliest stages of their development showed extra growth in the key areas of the brain which control language, emotion and understanding, reports the Telegraph on Saturday June 8th 2013. MRI brain scans showed that these babies had the fastest growth in myelinated white matter which is tissue full of long nerve fibres that link parts of the brain that are used for learning. By the time they were two, the babies who had been breast fed had a substantial volume of white matter, more than the formula fed babies and those given a mix of both.

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