Maternity nurse or doula

29th Apr 2017

Kensington Midwives have recently offered a new service, Maternity Doula. Suzanne will come and stay overnight, or for a week or two following your return home with your new baby. Here is a lovely recommendation from a happy client.   […]

Private Midwife

25th Mar 2017

Kensington Midwives have offered a private midwifery service locally since 2009 and we now work under the umbrella of Private Midwives, a company based in Cheshire, which used to be called UK Birth Centres. It has recently rebranded and expanded […]

Postnatal Depression

12th Feb 2017

Postnatal Depression is a feeling that you cannot cope. It is often accompanied by severe tiredness, a general loss of interest, poor concentration, irritability, insomnia, low energy and tearfulness. Usually around three to four weeks after the birth a new […]

Bathing at Bedtime

14th Jan 2016

Bathing your baby every evening before his bedtime and evening feed will prepare him for the night and establish a routine that he will appreciate and get to know very quickly. Arthur, my Grandson aged 3 months, really loves his […]