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Mary-Rose Pignatelli and Annabel Athill

Telephone: 0207 937 3835




We are happy to offer all potential clients a free consultation as a chance you to meet us and find out what we offer and how we can help you throughout your pregnancy and birth. If you would like us to be your private midwives, we are now working with UK Birth Centres, fully insured providers of excellent maternity care.

We offer full pregnancy, birth and postnatal care but we can also separate this into packages for, Antenatal Care, Birth Support and Postnatal Care. Please refer to the UK Birth Centre website for the full range of options and prices.

Labour and Birth

We will support you throughout your labour in the birth centre or hospital of your choice. On arrival at the hospital or birth centre midwives or obstetricians will take responsibility for the birth and we offer birth support and assume a Doula role. The role of the Doula is to ‘mother the mother’.

Private screening

If you are entitled to NHS treatment you will not pay for routine ultrasound scans and blood tests. Non-routine or private scans and blood tests are not included in the prices, but we can arrange them if necessary and they will be invoiced to you directly.


Following a free consultation with us, our contract with you and billing arrangements will be made through UK Birth Centres. All the prices are listed on their website or telephone number 0800 3800 579.

It is important to book early with us as we only take two clients a month to make sure that one of us is with you at all times during the birth of your baby.

In January 2014 we joined UK Birth Centres, fully insured providers of maternity care. We practice to the very highest standards following the NICE guidelines and our practice is governed by the National Midwifery Council’s Midwives Rules, Midwife’s Code of Practice and Code of Professional Conduct.