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Feeding Journal Helps Mums Through Baby’s First Year

3rd Dec 2013

When you arrive home with your new baby, you soon realise it’s up to you to keep your baby healthy, happy and well fed. Keeping track of your baby’s feeds can be quite stressful in the early days. You may find that having a record is helpful, as it gives a reassuring account of how often your baby is feeding and for how long. This will help you to fee confident that your baby is getting enough milk and slowly you will be able to see a pattern developing.

Kensington Midwives do not believe in strict timings and routines for very young babies, The most important thing is to make the experience enjoyable for you and your baby, and you will then continue to breastfeed for as long as possible. The early days can be difficult, generally due to the frequency and length of the feeds.

Buzzy Babies ‘Baby Feeding Book’ is a beautifully made book with illustrated feeding charts to help you keep track of your breast or bottle feeds. It is hand finished with a ribbon book mark and a thread sewn, semi hard cover; so it will lie flat making it hard wearing and easy to use.

​There is a useful section for mum’s notes and charts to document your baby’s first tastes during weaning, your baby’s gift record and a keepsake pocket at the back. It is a handy A5 landscape size book, which fits snugly into a changing bag.

“I wanted to create something special, to keep forever, and also a functional tool that any parent, grandparent or carer can use with ease and pride. I hope our little book helps guide you and your baby into whichever feeding method you choose, and brings you much pleasure along the way…”

Buzzy Babies is run by Scarlett Brooksband and her mother Peta Brooksbank. Her website is

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