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Happy New Year, Pregnancy and Postnatal Care

19th Jan 2015

Welcome to our first blog of 2015. We thought we would start off the New Year by giving you an update as to what we are up to and what else we hope to offer you this year.


We have had another successful year of happy births and beautiful babies and we look forward to much of the same in 2015. As many of you may or may not be aware, in July 2014 a new legislation came into force for the protection and benefit of mothers and babies, requiring independent or private midwives to have appropriate insurance. Midwives working in the NHS continue to be fully covered by the NHS.


We spent a lot of time researching all the available options with regard to being properly insured and finally decided the best option was to join UK Birth Centres, which is what we did. The underwriter for the UK Birth Centres is one of the largest leaders in medical insurance and offers a £10m level of cover. Knowing that we have our insurance in place certainly has made us feel much more confident about the service we provide. The only downside to this has been that we have had to increase our prices as we are now part of UK Birth Centres and therefore governed by their pricing. However, they do most of our administration for us, which is a relief. It is also reassuring to be part of a bigger organisation and know that we have clinical and professional support at our



Being part of UK Birth Centres also means we are kept up to date with the latest research and topical issues happening in Midwifery. We suggest you have a look at their website,


In 2014, we saw an increase of clients looking for one off Antenatal appointments. Most of these pregnant women had come to London from other countries and needed some help and guidance negotiating the English maternity services, whilst also gaining reassurance from us that all was fine with their pregnancy so far. Mostly we found that women want continuity of care through their pregnancy. This is precisely what we can offer.


The area which we intend to focus on most this year is The Postnatal period. We have found over the years that this continues to be a stressful time. The new mother and baby are often discharged too early from hospital and feel vulnerable and unsure on arrival home. As we only work in London, this may well be more defined in London due to the large amount of women who are not

surrounded by their extended families.


As midwives and in order to remain on the registrar, we need to keep up to date with evidence based research and with general midwifery topics. This year we intend to focus, as already mentioned, on the postnatal period, in particular on breast feeding and post natal depression.

We look forward to working with you in 2015

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