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Home Birth and Continuous Care

30th Jul 2016

It is important that a woman who has just found out that she is pregnant should be offered evidence based information in order that she can make her own informed choices about where to give birth and with whom.


Evidence shows that for a healthy woman with a low risk pregnancy, home birth offers less intervention and higher rates of normal birth with no increase in maternal or neonatal adverse outcomes. For first babies the same study showed fewer interventions but slightly poorer perinatal outcomes. However, the study did not consider the impact of continuity of care from an experienced midwife working within a case-loading model. It is believed that providing care within this model further reduces interventions and may also mitigate against some of the adverse events referred to.


This is the opinion of UK Birth Centres who promote Home Birth and have a fantastic team of midwives working privately, but also linking into the benefits of the NHS. This is a huge advantage to anyone considering a Home Birth. You will know and trust your midwife and she will deliver your baby at home, as long as everything is going well, but if you need to go to hospital, she will go with you and stay with you. There will be a smooth transfer into the hospital you have chosen, as you will already have booked into the NHS system.


Kensington Midwives will give you lots of information and time to discuss the place of birth with you at your first appointment with us, and we often find that this choice is an instinctive feeling based on the type of birth and pain relief which you may like. Things can change along the way, and we are happy to be very flexible too.





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