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Home Birth vs Hospital Birth

7th May 2012

Home Birth or Hospital BIrth

Kensington Midwives would advise a hospital birth over a home birth in most cases. We would advise this because of the unpredictability of a first birth. If there was an emergency the labour ward is where you would want to be. However, many London NHS hospitals now have a Birth Centre which would be where Kensington Midwives would recommend giving birth. These are usually very near the labour ward, although run separately and by midwives. A Birth Centre birth is similar to a Home Birth, but it is such an advantage to be near the hospital, or even within it.

A Home Birth following a quick and normal first delivery could well be a choice worth considering. Most NHS London Hospitals offer a Home Birth team who will come to your house and deliver your baby. Another choice would be to hire Independent Midwives. There are many fantastic Independent Midwives working in and around London, however they are not insured. This is something to think about seriously when considering a Home Birth outside the NHS.

The main advantage of a Home Birth is that you are in the comfort of your own home. The surroundings are familiar and labour can proceed in a natural way, without the anxiety of when to go to Hospital. When your baby is born being at home is perfect. Kensington Midwives would work along side the NHS team and support you as Doulas. Kensington Midwives would then provide you with full Postnatal care, full checks for yourself and your baby, help with breastfeeding and settling your baby over the coming days.


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