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Suzanne Smythe is our trained, CRB checked birth and postnatal Doula available to visit you in Central London to discuss your birth plan and postnatal care. As a Birth Doula she will offer nurturing, practical and informative suggestions and as a team we will aim to stay with you, or stay in close touch, throughout your labour and birth, providing you with care and reassurance. She will give you her support throughout your pregnancy, during the birth of your baby and postnatally, allowing you to discuss and make choices accordingly. As a Doula, Suzanne is guided by your wishes to help make your pregnancy and birth a positive experience.

As your Postnatal Doula, Suzanne can help you feel more confident as a new Mother while you are recovering and adjusting to your new baby at home. She will give you practical support and advice on infant feeding, take your baby for a walk in the pram while you have a rest, help with any siblings, tidy up and make you a healthy snack.

Suzanne is now offering a brand new service. We have seen that some new families would like a live-in Night Nanny. Suzanne will come and help you at home, usually staying with you a couple of nights a week for a week or two, bringing baby to you in bed to feed during the night, changing and settling him or her for you, so you and your husband can sleep well, and have some valuable recovery time.

As a Doula supporting a new family, we believe in being as invisible as possible. Suzanne is a volunteer on the postnatal ward at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital one day a week, so has lots of experience to share. She is the ideal extra pair of hands when rest is needed over night or in the evening.

Please ring us for further details.

Contact Suzanne directly:  07896112353

Contact Kensington Doulas and Midwives: 0207 937 3835