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Men and Maternity

14th Apr 2012

A new 16 page guide, funded by the Department of Health, has been launched to encourage fathers to play a bigger part in maternity care. It says that men sometimes feel “uninformed and unwelcomed” in current maternity services and it states that father’s can be “left traumatised” after their partner gives birth.

Cathy Warwick, The Royal College of Midwives Chief Executive, said, “NHS policy is to increase engagement with fathers and encourage them to be involved in their partner’s maternity care in order to foster positive parenting and family relationships.”

The practical outcome is that some hospital antenatal classes are available on Sunday afternoons and evenings to fit around fathers’ working lives. This is excellent and we would encourage all father’s to go along if they would like to. Sharing the preparation for birth and parenthood is really important as new mothers and fathers begin to build the family unit.

Kensington Midwives always offer early evening meetings. To have a both new parents asking questions, hearing baby’s heart beat, measuring the baby’s growth and discussing the birth, is so enjoyable for us and for the parents-to-be.




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