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Pregnancy and Birth with Private Midwives

10th Feb 2017

Recently UK Birth Centres has rebranded, recruited many Independent Midwives and are now called Private Midwives. Their website is Kensington Midwives have enjoyed two years working with UK Birth Centres, now Private Midwives, and all our clients have been very pleased with the services we, and they offer.


Their aim is to offer choices for your pregnancy and birth with continuous care from a midwife, and in our case two midwives, who get to know you over the months of your pregnancy. We put you and your needs, and those of your partner’s at the centre of all we do. This helps to give you self-confidence, control and empowerment, all very important feelings when you become pregnant and look forward to one of the most exciting experiences a woman can have.


Please look at the new Private Midwives website, where all the prices and packages are listed and remember they can also be tailor made for you.


As well as individual appointments or complete care during pregnancy and when you are at home again with your new baby, your Private Midwife can accompany you to hospital to make sure everything is explained and your wishes are carried out. You can relax knowing that you will never be left alone and will have a professional friend with you throughout the birth of your baby.


We work alongside the NHS in a Doula role and we find this is a very happy arrangement with the hospital midwives as well as our clients.


Please ring or email us for a free consultation and we look forward to meeting you soon. Our telephone number is 0207 937 3835.








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